New year, Better Skin.

Combating Winter skin issues in the New Year

We’ve seen our fair share of winter weather in 2013 and now it’s time to get our skin back in shape in 2014.  When the temperature drops people bundle up to stay warm and lay on a thick moisturizer, but we forget to apply sunscreen on their face, neck and ears during these winter months.  The importance of sunscreen to those areas is crucial year round says Dr. Spencer, “We preform 99% of our Skin Cancer surgeries on the ears, nose and face as a direct result from people’s long term sun exposure.  In fact, according to it only takes approximately FIVE times of getting sunburnt to DOUBLE your chances of getting Melanoma.” This proves the importance of the usage of sunscreen year round.  Follow Dr. Spencer’s tips for tip top shape skin.

Ears, Nose and Face;

During the winter our skin gets fragile and dry which is when we switch to our nice rich moisturizer but long terms signs of aging by way of pigmentation and wrinkles comes from UV Radiation.  Using a facial moisturizer first followed by an SPF sunscreen every morning is crucial to your skin’s long-term health. It’s best to apply 5-15 minutes prior to makeup application or sun exposure. Brands like Elta MD and CeraVe offer many options when it comes to choosing for your skin type (  Whatever condition or type of skin you have, finding and using proper amount of daily sunscreen is vital to ensure long term health of your skin.  Fact: 30% of all Basil Cell Carcinoma’s will be on the nose and will need Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery.


6% of skin cancers will be on the lips.  A simple chap stick with SPF will increase hydration to dry cracked lips over the winter and most importantly, protect you from the sun and the sun’s reflections.  Elta MD’s lip balm is moisturizing, not waxy and contains SPF 31 to protect your lips. (EltaMD UV Lip Balm Broad-Spectrum SPF 31)

The moral of the story is, we learned more than ever in 2013 that long term sun exposure will lead to aged, wrinkled skin with an almost guarantee of getting some form of skin cancer.  Dr. Spencer is here to help you through all the stages of your skin’s life and to leave you with the proper knowledge so that you can make the best, informed decisions for your skin’s health, your lifestyle and budget.  Learn more about the proper products for your skin age, type and condition at  Schedule your appointment with Dr. Spencer and his staff for your skin cancer check, skin check, dermatological concerns and cosmetic enhancements by calling us at 972-712-5100.  We want to be there for you and help you Love Your Skin!